Whether your at the store, at home, or on a vacation, EvoSale has you covered!
Why settle for a permeative cell phone store POS that only gives you access to one computer and one location when you have EvoSale. 


Broad browser support.

All major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer. 

Will even work on your mobile browser!

It’s gonna look good on all devices.


Our design is our pride. Simple, beautiful, but yet powerful.

Touch Friendly

 Want to use touchscreen computer? No problem. With our touchscreen feature you can simply turn it on or off with a click of a button.

Unlocking Services

EvoSale removes the hassle of phone unlocking. All you have to do is submit the imei. Sit back relax and let EvoSale handle the rest and we will notify with a notification.

Bill payment Model

Never been easier to track and pay your customers bill payments. Enter a customer's number select from a carrier list or select from payment history and click add to cart. 

Time Tracker

 Track your employee's shifts. With our time tracker you can start and end shifts with a click of a button. No need for outdated time tracking methods.

Secured on the cloud

Never lose data again. We encrypt your data so no one has access to it but you!

Simple way to sell

Selling items never been easier. With our easy inventory layout you can search, type or scan the item you want to sell. EvoSale pos tracks all qty and sn sold on the app.

Get the tools to grow

Filter reports by sales, employee or location. You can even give your accountant a login credentials with permission to only view reports they will love it.

try it your self

Take EvoSale on a 14 day free trial. Cancel at anytime! No questions asked.

Wireless industry just got simpler!

EvoSale Pos pushed the boundaries of the internet. With our advanced yet simple design we bring your business to you not the other way around.


Inventory Tracking

Track your inventory whether its a phone, sim card, accessories or a bag of chips

Employee Management

Track your employee sales, hours, and permissions


Send receipts, repairs info and promotions with our powerful SMS service


Track your repairs


Track your business sales by employees, category, items and More

Customer History

Track every customer purchase made in your store

Pay Later

Track customers that owe you money with our pay later model

Used Purchases

Track any used purchases made in the store. We will even help you determine how much to pay for the device


Link any website within the app to save time

Who should use EvoSale POS? Anyone!

  • Cell phone shops
  • Repair shops
  • Electronic shops
  • Vape shops
  • Coffee shop
  • Join & Grow this list

Our Achievements

Features (Because we keep bringing them!)
Customer Satisfaction

Simple Price, Simple Business!

We  believe that business owners should have the flexibility to build their own plan, and when the business grows they can upgrade. The best part of it is that you can cancel at any time with a click of a button no need to call us or questions asked!

  • 1 user included
  • 1 register included

*Prices are in USD based on an monthly plan, on a per store basis.
* $7.99 per additional user
* $14.99 per additional register
* $0.02 per additional sms

What’s your next move?

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The reviews


Thank you so much for introducing me to work with evosale. It has made my life so much easier and saved me a lot of time by having only one open screen with all the options being available there. It’s an easy system to learn how to use, I’m so glad i signed up with Evosale.

Anewar Ibro


“This app is amazing! You can do anything on this app from store management, employee, to customers. Favorite part of the app is that I am 60 years old and this app is definitely built simple yet powerful. Thank you EvoSale for this amazing product.”


“I love this system because it makes things easier for everyone, it’s very practical, and it helps us be more organized at work. Ever since we’ve worked with this new system, we have had less trouble overall and customers seem to love it too since it makes their visits quicker and gives a better experience when we are helping them.”


What are you waiting for? It's 14 day free trial. If you don't like it cancel at anytime! No questions asked.